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Flamingo Trucking is a well-established and reliable agricultural raw product transportation company. Founded in 1985 – Flamingo Trucking prides itself in customer service!

H&D Logistics Broker, LLC

We run Owner Operators all year including our Harvest season for multiple onion and potato contracts in the area.

If you are interested in becoming one our preferred carriers, please contact dgarza@flamingotrucking.com.

G&S Northwest Custom Farm Services LLC

G&S Northwest Custom Farm Services LLC is a newly found Harvest Technology operations company that supplies farmers, processing facilities and growers with custom equipment and labor for storing, handling and transportation of Raw Agricultural commodities. G&S Northwest values and respects its customers by providing the best equipment and labor to provide the best in bruise free handling, storage, and transportation of their valued raw agricultural commodities. Here at G&S Northwest we use the latest technology to monitor the bruise potential on our conveyance systems and host a fleet of the most up to date transferring and cleaning conveyance systems for our harvest storage applications. We strive to train our field department equipment operators with the best training techniques and tools to ensure the best performance for our company and our customers. G&S Northwest promotes its core company values through and through our organization. With these values we build our relationships with our customers and our employees and always strive to do better and be better! Here at G&S Northwest Custom Farm Services LLC we are committed to building a better future for our company our employees and our customers.

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